St. Arnulf Belgian Tripel

Paying homage to the great Abbey Ales of Belgium, our St. Arnulf Tripel brings a ton of spicy, fruity esters and 8% ABV to the monastery. Hops are Styrian Golding and Hallertauer offsetting Pilsner malt in this high flying strong Belgian ale. Here’s a beer that is delicious young but will age beautifully, drying out as it matures.

Extract: 1.082 Original Gravity --1.018 Final Gravity 8.4% ABV. 29 IBUs. 5.6° L SRM.

All Grain: 1.080 Original Gravity --1.018 Final Gravity 8.2% ABV. 27 IBUs. 6° L SRM.

Note: Calculated at 75% efficiency  These are anticipated results. Your results may vary slightly depending on your brewing process and conditions. 



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