Imperial Voyager Yeast

A05 Voyager. A strain of English origin that plays equally nice with both hops and malt. Fairly flocculent, light fruity ester profile and perfect for those spring inspired beers that bridge the gap between winter and summer; malty but also full of hop flavor. Does well in pales, IPAs, ESB, Juicy IPA, blonde ale, bitter, amber, english mild, etc. Our official description:

A05 Voyager

Set phasers to yum and prepare to accelerate your brewing to warp speed. Voyager’s high flocculation characteristics and wide temperature range make it an extremely flexible strain for fermenting styles ranging from old school ESBs to modern IPAs. Use Voyager at low temps for nutty flavors in malt forward beers or ramp it up to produce apricot and peach aromas for dry hopped pales and IPAs. The options are as expansive as the universe.

Temp: 64-74 // Flocculation: Medium-High // Attenuation: 68-72%

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