Que Bueno Imperial Yeast

Que Bueno is a seasonal lager strain from Imperial perfect for cold weather brewing and fermenting. Highly versatile, it shines in all lager styles that span light to dark and malt forward to hop forward, without contributing much in the way of ester profile. The hallmark of this strain is the crisp, clean fermentation profile which makes it an excellent choice for Mexican-style lagers, Vienna-style lagers, Maibock and many more. 

Que Bueno creates refreshing light to dark lagers with very clean, low ester aromatic profiles and nice crisp and dry finishes. This strain is not just a great choice for Mexican lagers, but any lager where clean ester profile and dry finish is appropriate. 

Temp: 47-55F (8-13C), Flocculation: Medium, Attenuation: 73-77%, Alcohol Tolerance: 8%

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