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MEAD, Glorious MEAD!

A hint of fall is in the air. The leaves are turning. The mornings are crisp, and the squirrels are hiding their nuts, which sounds like a personal problem.  The summer fruits are coming to an end, but apples are coming on strong, and that means it's time to make cider or cyser! 

Here's our latest video. As with most things fermentable, there are lots of ways to to this from using fresh apples that you juice yourself, to making a mead and adding cut up fruit in the secondary. I like to go from fresh sweet cider. For this batch, my local organic co-op, Ozark Natural Foods, had a shipment of some really nice tasting cider arrive. So of course, I wanted to make something with wth. I chose to put together a three-gallon batch, using only 24 ounces of honey. At the moment, I plan to ferment it all the way dry, add ginger and bottle to create a sparkling ginger cyser. I may rack it onto fresh apples in the secondary, but that decision can wait for another day. 

Here's a video that my buddy, James Spencer from Basic Brewing, helped me shoot. I hope you enjoy it and can take something away to help you with your cider and mead making adventures. 


Here's the recipe. Keep in mind this is a natural product and so gravity readings may vary slightly from batch to batch. But to paraphrase a very wise man, don't worry, relax and have a cyser. 

For this three-gallon batch

Starting gravity: 1.070

Alcohol potential approx.: 9.4%


3 gallons of Organic Apple Cider (There will have some cider left over as the honey will displace some of the liquid, and you'll want to leave some headspace in the carboy.) If you use a larger carboy or fermentation bucket =, yo can of course, use all of the cider. It will have a different alcohol potential, but that's OK. 

24 ounces honey (The better the honey, the better the mead!)

 1.5 teaspoon Pectic Enzyme

.50 teaspoon Yeast Nutrient

1.5 teaspoon Yeast Energizer

1 packet Fermentis Safcider Cider Yeast


Here's the Sorghum Orange Mead Video. 

Sorghum Orange Mead

Here's the recipe for the Sorghum Orange Mead. This is one of my all-time favorites. The recipe is written for 2.5 gallon, but easily could be scaled up or down to fit your needs. If you make this one, let me know what you think about it. Everyone I've shared it with pretty much go into a happy coma before they can speak again. 



Here's the video "A Tale of Two Meads." Hope you enjoy it. I had a great time sharing them with James at the shoot, and pleased I can share them you via the magic of Youtube. Cheers!


 The Pomegranate/Ginger recipe is the way. I'll have it up soon, but in the meantime here's the Cherry Mead recipe. I put it together in a three gallon and five gallon formulation.