Shipping Information

Shipping rates are $8.95 for any order that weighs up to 30 lbs., and $35 for any order that weighs between 31 and 70 lbs. These rates reflect the true cost of shipping our products to you. Please call to make arrangements for orders weighing more than 70 lbs. These rates apply to the lower 48 states. We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico or Overseas. 

We do not ship cases of glass bottles. We will ship individual glass carboys in their original packaging. 


Why the change? 

First, most orders will still ship at our standard rate of $8.95. Unfortunately, we can no longer afford to ship relatively large amounts of grain for free, especially to the East and West coasts. Though we appreciate the orders very much, we are a small local home brew shop, primarily serving our local community and regionally across Arkansas, TX. OK and MO. We value your business no matter where you live, and we know that many of our local home brew shops have closed during the pandemic, making it that much harder to source quality ingredients in a timely manner.

We sincerely regret having to make this difficult decision, but we won’t be in business long either if we lose money on most orders we ship. Thanks for understanding and working with us as we try to find the best way to serve your brewing needs and keep our business open and healthy.