Basic Brewing Bottle Opener

The Basic Brewing bottle opener is perfect for the busy homebrewer or craft beer lover who wants to open bottles of beer in as efficient a way as possible.

Inside this attractive white plastic cylinder adorned with the Basic Brewing Podcast logo is a clever device. Simply push the opener down over the neck of the bottle. The cap is taken off in one motion, and a magnet grabs it for easy disposal.

Click here for a video demo of the opener in action.

It’s easy to use:
Step 1. Set and rest the opener on top of the bottle.
Step 2. GENTLY push the opener straight down. Do not twist or slam the opener on top of the lid.
Step 3. Release the opener upward. Remember, it is spring-loaded, and you do not need to pull up. It will push itself back up. If you do this easy enough, a magnet will hold the cap until you remove it.

Impress your friends with your taste in brewing podcasts at the same time you wow them with your bottle opening skills.