Briess American Honey Malt

American Honey Malt is a modern take on a traditional European-style Brümalt. To craft American Honey Malt, Briess starts with the highest quality American-grown barley, then tailors their typical steep and germination process to produce highly-modified green malt — rich with the precursors needed to create melanoidin-style malt flavors. A series of proprietary processes are used to finish the malt and create a product rich with simple sugars and Maillard reaction compounds. 25 Lovibond


  • Traditional melanoidin-style malt applications with a complex flavor profile from light honey to more intense malt flavors

  • Wide variety of beer styles from light lagers and ales to malt- forward beers like dark lagers, reds & Scottish ales

    Recommended Usage Rates

  • 1-5% in light beers for subtle honey and bread flavors

  • 5-10% in dark lagers & amber ales for complex honey &

    graham cracker flavors

  • 10-20% in dark lagers & ales for prominent, warming bakery

    flavors such as biscuit, toffee & brown sugar

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