Imperial POG Yeast

POG is a single kveik isolate known to produce tons of guava, passion fruit, pineapple, and orange aromas reminiscent of the classic juice blend. Like all kveik strains, it is highly versatile, ferment on the warmer end of the spectrum to produce tropical aromas, ferment on the cooler end to produce beers with cleaner ester profiles.Temp: 85-100 F // Flocculation: High // Attenuation: 75-85%

Liquid Yeat Shipping Up Charge per order To ensure that your liquid yeast arrives in peak condition, all liquid yeast orders, including beer kits ordered with liquid yeast, will be sent in a high-quality metallic insulated mailer with an ice pack sealed inside. The up-charge is $5 per order. This is not per pouch but for the entire order and is assessed at checkout.

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