Joy of Cheesemaking

Here is an easy-to-understand, beautifully illustrated guide to making cheese, the next step in your cheese making adventures. If you start with the book Home Cheese Making and go on to The Joy of Cheesemaking you will have all you need to complete the mastry of making your cheeses at home. This book includes a basic overview of cheese manufacturing and aging, from the raw ingredients to the final product with details in the science of cheesemaking all done in a reader friendly way. With clear instructions, gorgeous photographs, and a glossary, this comprehensive guide will allow the reader to learn about cheese, from making it, to choosing it, to pairing it with the right wines. 
DESCRIPTION:  "The Joy of Cheesemaking", by Jody Farnham and Marc Druart, the Vermont Institute of Artisan Cheese (256 pages, paperback) This delicious guide brings together both the expertise of the country's preeminent cheese school and the wisdome of top artisan cheesemakers. The Joy of Cheesemaking includes:

  • An overview of cheese manufacturing and aging-including fundamental principles of the chemistry of milk and the use of starter cultures
  • Detailed explanations for various methods of molding, pressing, and salting cheese
  • "Core makes", or recipes, for basic cheeses
  • Suggestions for wine and beer pairings with cheese
  • A tour of artisan cheese farms
  • A full glossary
  • And much more

Written for both beginners and more advanced students-from home cheesemakers to chefs to entrepreneurs who are considering producing cheese for pleasure and profit-this book has everything a cheese lover needs to know about making and eating their favorite food.

Jody M. Farnham is the program coordinator and administrative director for the Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese. She lives in Burlington, Vermont. She's worked with the American Cheese Society, Slow Food International, the New England Culinary Institute, and the Vermont Cheesemakers Festival.

Marc Druart is the Master Cheesemaker at the Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese. A graduate of the National Dairy School of Poligny France, Marc has worked for cheese and dairy companies worldwide. 

The Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese at the University of Vermont was established in 2004 to enhance and strengthen artisan cheesemaking through research and professional and public education.

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