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I've tried to set the on-line shop up to be as user friendly, uncluttered, and simple as possible. I believe I've got most of the bugs out of it, but I know there is still much to do. That said, I think you'll find it easy to shop. If you're in Northwest Arkansas, you can order on-line for free in-store pick up. I'll have the order pulled and ready for you to check out when you arrive. Orders up to $99.99 will be shipped ground at a flat rate of $8.95. Orders from $100 up will ship free, though certain restrictions may apply due to weight, size or geographic challenges, and these will be assessed at the rate charged by the carrier. In other words, I can't ship you a flat bed trailer of 2-Row malt for free, but I'll do my best to get your order out within 24 hours and in your hands as soon as possible.

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Here's our one year anniversary video.  

Here's a video tour of the shop when it first opened. Seems like a lifetime ago, but our first day was Saturday, November 26, 2016. Since then, I've added lots of new products and the store is better stocked and organized. Drop by and check it out.

Our goal is to offer an extensive line of the freshest quality ingredients, equipment, and educational resources for beer, wine, mead, cider and cheese making products to the home enthusiast in Northwest Arkansas and online. Like you, I’m a home brewer. I’ve pursued the hobby for more than 20 years and have been making meads and wines for nearly that long. I love to cook and admit that I approach the hobby from a culinary point of view. Our philosophy and one of our guiding principles is the idea that this a food store first, and a hardware store second. It’s all about the ingredients: the freshest hops, grains, yeasts and of course a great selection of wine kits. I plan to carry locally produced honey and other ingredients as they are available. I’ll keep you posted. I believe strongly in a farm to table approach and as far as it is possible and practicable, I’ll do my best to bring local products to the shop and to promote and support the NWA brewing community at every turn.

We strongly support our active duty and veteran communities, and to that end we offer an in-store 10 percent discount to any active or former service members. We also offer an in-store 10 percent discount to American Homebrewer Association.

On behalf of my wife, Gretchen, and our son, Chase, I invite you to drop by the store, or shop online. We would be honored to help you with all of your home brewing and home wine making needs. 

Best Wishes, Steve


 Chase and I enjoying a freshly minted Moscato.

Gretchen and Chase working the booth at Frost Fest in February. Yes, it was cold! 

 My early influences were Schlitz and shotguns. (I still kind of like Schlitz.)


Scottish Wee Heavy

Our biscuity malt-forward Scottish Wee Heavy will knock the chill off even the coldest Northern nights. We use UK Challenger and UK Target hops to provide the perfect balance to this winter warmer. The extract version needs only a 30 minute boil, making your brew day go a little faster.

OG 1.092 -- FG 1.025 -- 8.8% ABV.  27 IBUs -- 20.3º L SRM

BJCP Style: Strong  British Ale / Wee Heavy (17C)

Big Bluff Maibock

One Helles of a beer, our Maibock honors the Goat Trail that runs along Big Bluff on the Buffalo River near Ponca, Arkansas. The trail isn't for the faint of heart, but once you hike it, it's oh so satisfying, just like our Maibock. Big Bluff clocks in at 7.4% ABV, and uses only German hops, malt and yeast for a traditional version of this classic beer. Prost! 

All Grain Recipe: 7.4% ABV. 30 IBU. 6.3º L SRM

Extract Recipe: 7.0% ABV. 31 IBU. 6.6º L SRM

BJCP Style: (4C 2015) (5A 2008) Maibock/Helles Bock

Panther Knob Farmhouse Ale

Here's our Ozark take on a funky Belgian farmhouse ale. Fruity, spicy, funky esters, a soft grain pallet and a light touch with New World hops come together to form a truly memorable Saison you'll want to brew all year long. Pairs beautifully with roast poultry, muscles. Even Middle Eastern cuisine, or just enjoy a cold one at the end of long day. 

Approx.Statistics: 1.072 OG to 1.016 FG. 7.3% ABV. 24 IBUs. 3.4º L SRM BJCP: Style 25B Saison



Märzen Oktoberfest

This recipe is designed to brew a very close approximation of the traditional version of this beer style. Historically, this lager-style beer is bottom fermented at lower temperatures and stored (lagered) cold for several weeks before serving. 

If you wish to brew it as a lager, use an appropriate German bottom fermenting lager yeast. We recommend Saflager W34/70 (dry) or Imperial Harvest (liquid slurry). Both are excellent. Ferment the beer at about 55º F and lager for one month at 35º F.  before bottle conditioning or kegging. Please indicate the version you wish to order. Prost! 

Apricot Wheat

Light, refreshing and just a bit spicy, our Apricot Wheat uses three pounds of real apricot puree, a touch of rye malt, German Perle hops, and German wheat ale yeast in a partial mash recipe for a perfect summer beer. 
Statistics: 4.8% ABV, 19 IBUs. 4.1º L SRM
BJCP Style: 29A Fruit Beer

$6.10 per six pack to brew this five gallon recipe.

Irish Stout

Just in time to brew for St. Patrick's Day, here's a classic Irish Stout guaranteed to please even the pickiest leprechaun. It's a partial mash recipe using flaked and roasted barley, chocolate, black and pale malts, Target hops, and Nottingham yeast. 
4.5% ABV. 39 IBUs. 36º L SRM
BJCP Style: 15B Irish Stout
Note: These are anticipated results. Your results may vary slightly depending on your brewing process and conditions.

$2.93 a six pack to brew this five-gallon recipe.

Crooked Creek Cream Ale

Light and refreshing this straw-colored cream ale goes down easy with just a hint of Willamette and Liberty hops to keep things in balance. The partial-mash recipe begins with mashing barley, wheat and flaked maize to create a wort before adding light malt extract, hops and yeast. While not necessary, a straining bag — sold separately — will make it easier to deal with the spent grains. It's also offered as an all grain recipe. 

Irish Red Ale

Here's a memorable Irish Red Ale that's malty and smooth and delicious enough to share an Irish toast. Sláinte chugat!

May the road rise to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face.
And rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.

5.2% IBU
26 IBUs
12º L SRM
BJCP Style: 15A Irish Red Ale

$2.93 per six pack to brew this five-gallon recipe.

Blue Loon Belgian White Ale

Lightly spiced with coriander and orange peel, our witbier uses flaked oats and flaked wheat to produce this classic Belgian-style wheat ale. Easy to brew and easier to drink, you’ll love this refreshing, session-strength beer all year round.
Five gallon, partial mash recipe.

15 Minute Saison

Check out our video of this great extract beer. In my opinion, James knocked it out of the Belgian ballpark. Delicious!  

1.049 OG  to 1.010 FG: 5.2% ABV
25 IBU
6.40 L SRM
Note: These are anticipated results. Your results may vary slightly depending on your brewing process and conditions.

Bob's Your Uncle Pub Ale

Bob's Your Uncle Pub Ale is our take on an English strong bitter. This easy to make and easier to drink ale uses all British malts, hops and yeast to make a you say everything's all right and "Bob's Your Uncle." Pair it with fish and chips, bangers and mash, or just enjoy a pint on its own. Cheers!

Extract Recipe Statistics
1.049 OG  to 1.012 FG: 4.8%
ABV. 31 IBUs.
7.46 L SRM. 
BJCP Style: 11C Strong Bitter

All Gain Recipe Statistics
1.051 OG  to 1.013 FG: 5.02%
ABV.  IBUs. 31
7.07 L SRM. 
BJCP Style: 11C Strong Bitter

St. Arnulf Belgian Tripel

Paying homage to the great Abbey Ales of Belgium, our St. Arnulf Tripel brings a ton of spicy, fruity esters and 8.1% ABV to the monastery. Hops are Styrian Golding and Hallertauer offsetting Pilsner malt and Belgian candi syrup in this high flying strong Belgian ale. Here’s a beer that is delicious young but will age beautifully, drying out as it matures.

1.085 Original Gravity --1.023 Final Gravity 8.1% ABV. 47 IBUs. 6.0° LSRM.

$7.20 a six pack to brew this five-gallon recipe.

Note: These are anticipated results. Your results may vary slightly depending on your brewing process and conditions. 


Steve's Mead

You'll enjoy making (and drinking!) this easy to make semi-sweet mead whether in a one, three or five gallon recipe. We use local Arkansas raw honey and a renowned Narbonne French wine yeast to make this a truly memorable beverage. Approx. 11.50% A.B.V.

War Eagle Porter

The perfect fall beer. Dark, roasty, biscuit notes from Aromatic, Special Roast and Midnight Wheat specialty grains compliment a base Porter and Dark Malt bill to create an American-style porter you’ll enjoy sharing with friends on crisp autumn evenings.  

5.2 % ABV. 34 IBUs. BJCP Style: American Porter (20A)

Lawn Tractor American Pale Ale

Straight up American Pale Ale brought to life with Northern Brewer, Chinook and Exp. #7270 hops.

5.6% ABV ~ 44 IBUs ~ 5º L SRM ~ BJCP Style: American Pale Ale (18B)

$5.16 per six pack to brew this five-gallon recipe.

Zero Turn IPA

Classic American-style IPA.
6.6% ABV ~ 56 IBUs ~ 7.8º L SRM ~ BJCP Style: American India Pale Ale (21A)

Brush Hog Double IPA

Go big or go home! 
Intensely hopped, yet very drinkable, well-balanced Double IPA.
Extract Recipe: Five gallon ~ 8% ABV ~ 86 IBUs ~ 9.8º L SRM ~ BJCP Style: Double India Pale Ale (22A)
All Grain Recipe: Five gallon ~ 8% ABV ~ 86 IBUs ~ 8.9º L SRM ~ BJCP Style: Double India Pale Ale (22A)



Push Mower Blonde Ale

Crisp, refreshing American Blonde Ale. A perfect session beer after a hot day in the yard.  
4.5% ABV ~ 21 IBUs ~ 4º L SRM ~ BJCP Style: American Blonde Ale (18A)

$4.20 per six pack to brew this five-gallon recipe.

Kings River Stout

 You'll enjoy this easy to brew and easier to drink American-style Stout. Rich and roasty with subtle chocolate and coffee notes, this winter warmer will make those cold winter nights just a bit warmer. We are proud to offer this excellent beer in either extract or all grain recipes to suit your brewing style. Cheers! 

Grapefruit IPA, Extract, 5 gallon

Grapefruit IPA, Extract, 5 gallon

$7.75 per six pack to brew. 

Grapefruit IPA, All Grain, 5 gallon

Grapefruit IPA, All Grain, 5 gallon.

$4.38 per six pack to brew this recipe.

English Barleywine

This English-style Barleywine brings Apollo, Target and Challenger hops to the party to perfectly balance a substantial Golden Malt bill with a touch of Victory and Wheat Malt. At 64 IBUs and 9.6% ABV, this ale is guaranteed to warm your heart!

$7.23 a six pack to brew this five gallon recipe.


Honey Wheat Kit

You’ll love this easy to make and easy to drink wheat ale, lightly flavored with just a touch of Honey Malt, and German Tettnag and Czech Saaz hops. It’s perfect for a warm spring day. Pair it with your favorite seafood, spicy Thai, light pastas, sushi . . . or brawts, pretzels and a ball game. Prost!

1.057 OG  to 1.015 FG: 5.5% ABV
21 IBUs. 5.90 L SRM


Ozark Amber Beer Kit

Amber malt blends perfectly with Belgian Melanoidin, Medium Crystal and Belgian Special B malts to serve as the backdrop for Columbus, Willamette, Amarillo and Mosaic hops. If you like hops, you’ll love this beer. Pairs with a wide range of food, including chicken, seafood, burgers; great with spicy cuisine, Port-Salut or other tangy cheeses. Great with desserts including poached pears with dulce de leche, banana pound cake, pecan lace cookies. 5.2 % ABV. 52 IBUs.

FYI: I changed the name to Ozark Amber for the English spelling instead of Aux Arc, which is French. Same beer, different spelling.


Best Bitter

Best Bitter

For a quart of Ale is a dish for a King. – Shakespeare, “A Winter’s Tale”

5 gallon recipe

$5.05 per six pack

Here’s a great session ale that’s a breeze to make and easier to enjoy. It’s great on its own, but this versatile ale pairs beautifully with classic pub food, including fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, burgers, or pizza. East Kent Golding hops are smooth and delicate with floral, lavender, spice, honey, earth, lemon, orange, grapefruit and thyme overtones. Fuggle hops bring pleasant mint, grass and floral tones to the beer. Nottingham ale yeast is the perfect yeast to bring out the biscuit tones from a touch of Victory malt. Cheers!

Lil' Smoky Pale Ale

With a whisper of Beechwood Smoked Brewer’s Malt, Dark Crystal and Aromatic specialty malts, this Extra Special Bitter will make you want to head to the back yard and break out your BBQ gear. This beer pairs beautifully with smoked meats; rich cheeses — like  aged Gouda or English Stilton — and  oysters on the half shell.  At 5% ABV, you can enjoy it all evening. Challenger and Target hops grown in the UK, make this a truly memorable British-style Pale Ale, with just a hint of smoky goodness. Cheers!

Note: This beer has been reformulated using dry malt extract only. Same great beer, just slightly different ingredients from syrup to dry extract. 


15-Minute Pale Ale

This recipe can be made in either five or six or three gallon versions. 
This copper-colored beer is easy to brew and will reward your short brew day with copious amounts of American hop flavor and aroma. Since this is an extract beer, you can easily vary the alcohol content. Adding more water in the kettle or fermenter will make this pale ale more session-able.